ISPM is a worldwide organization of leading associations, organizations, societies, government bodies and educational institutions that encourages philanthropy in business associations. The motto of the ISPM is Science, Wisdom and Trust for a better future. ISPM is not a nonprofit association, rather it has been perceived as an international, non-governmental, non-partisan, independent, private club that offers benefits to its members who share the common missions and goals of the organization.

Mission of ISPM

  1. Caring for, nourishing, developing, and enhancing society through ISPM initiatives.
  2. Facilitate knowledge dissemination between ISPM members; share wisdom and science.
  3. Facilitate networking and public relations for its members; advocate, market and advertise fellows.
  4. Define and increase awareness of international standards and best practices in members' fields.
  5. Be the international independent authority trusted by its members and society.
Vision of ISPM
  1. To create a better world through ISPM initiatives that provides positive returns to society.
  2. To create wise and informed members that is able and powerful to achieve the philanthropic goals.
  3. To help fellow members gain recognition, respect and awareness through wisdom exchange.
  4. To help creation of international standards to improve quality of life of the society.
  5. Be an international independent association that leads the society towards a better future.
Action of ISPM
  1. Create and maintain new philanthropic and educational events and incentives; conferences, symposiums, lectures, schools and accolades etc. for development of scientific fields and society.
  2. Push philanthropic members forward in the organizational structure.
  3. Provide and create tools to help members to reach individuals, clients and society at large.
  4. Create, define and increase awareness of international standards with members' helps.
  5. Partake in international events and initiatives of other philanthropic organizations.
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