ISPM is the International Society of Product Manufacturers. ISPM accepts product manufacturers as members. The primary purpose of the organization is to push philanthropic, social and ethical business practices in manufacturing industries.

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The ISPM Events list is a portal to important industry-related events from all around the globe. Please kindly be reminded that events listed below are for informational purposes and are not necessarily endorsed or organized by ISPM. Events which comply with ISPM's patronage and endorsement policies, competition or award guidelines, are highlighted with a blue color.

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Access up to date news published by ISPM and its members, get updated about recent happenings, events, news and developments in manufacturing sector. Submit interesting news stories to ISPM. Get the lates communication of selected current events.

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The ISPM members' index lists all the ISPM members for each country. The purpose of the listing is to help our members get discovered and be connected. The online listing allows both members and interested parties to locate and stay connected with other members, colleagues and peers worldwide. Furthermore, logged-in members could also access the ISPM Exchange data; i.e. further contacts information.

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Discover ISPM membership eligibility criteria, benefits and options and explore the organizational structure. Learn about rules and regulations. Apply to become an ISPM member.

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Take part in a leading dialogue platform regarding businesses and industries in manufacturing sector. Login to view private or public boards to get updated about best practices in the industry, access tenders, knowhow and discussions regarding the profession.

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